1. Go to Facebook.
  2. Right click on the video which you want to download.
  3. Click on "copy video url".
  4. Paste it on our website above and click on download.
  5. Choose video formate HD or SD and your video will be downloaded. You can also click on mp3 button if you want to download only audio.

Tip: It's recommeded to open Facebook in the new tab so that it will be easier for you to copy paste everytime.


If you are using mobile you can still use our web tool to download videos just follow these following steps

  1. Go to Facebook official app.
  2. Go to the video which you want to download
  3. On the right side you will see a dotted option click on that button
  4. Click on "copy link"
  5. Now open as usual and paste that video link on the above filed and click download
  6. Choose format HD/SD and download your video

Recommended: You might want to consider using our official app then regular method because with app you don't have to do so copying and pasting. While on app simply click on video and download your video that's it but you have to login to your facebook account first.

Reasons to save offline Facebook videos using Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader.

  1. So you can upload your own Facebook videos it to; Vimeo, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, google+, quora and twitter.
  2. So you can share it with other social media sites. 
  3. To store it on your computer, especially your own videos as a backup.
  4. To use it as a reference in the future when making an argument.
  5. To view the video fully if it is lengthy and you do not have enough time.

Since the year 2016, it is not possible to directly download videos from Facebook. Facebook allows only to save video online for viewing later on the site.

But what you did not know is that, before you are allowed to watch videos on Facebook, it is first downloaded into your device temporarily.

Due to their temporary nature, you cannot locate them on your device memory offline.

Luckily, Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader offers you a way to download and, save offline, those cool Facebook videos downloaded on your mobile phone or computers.

Is it Legal to use Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader?Every time you watch a streamed video online whether, on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Twitter, Quora, Tumblr, Pinterest, TV series and streaming sites. The browser operating saves a copy of it temporarily and then sends it the screen of the device. Also, downloading the video by yourself is doing the same thing as the browsers do. Keeping copyrighted downloaded video for personal use and refraining from using it on social media platforms for personal gain, is totally legal.

What is commonly known out there about Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader?

Frogjet is a top choice Facebook video downloader when downloading interesting Facebook videos.

Distinguishing features of the Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader:

  1. 100% free to use. There is an absence of payment of any form.
  2. It has a built-in player supported.
  3. Can download batch files.
  4. The absence of annoying ads.
  5. Frogjet is compatible with a multitude of browsers including Opera, Chrome, Mx5, Phoenix, and Firefox.
  6. No registration or any other form of user identification is required when using frogjet. Only your presence is registered but not a fragment your download history is kept.
  7. It is very and easy to access frogjet Facebook downloader using any web browser on their gadgets.
  8. No files are required to be downloaded in order to use frogjet. It requires no memory. Hence very safe.

There is no limit to the number of Facebook videos you can download.
 It helps download videos which afterward, for none monetary gain, can be shared using other suitable apps with friends on other social media; Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Quora and Twitter.

What are the download formats possible with Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader?
There are a couple of video formats available on Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader: Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader has inbuilt video format converter. It downloads the video into two main formats. These are:

  1. Mp4 format. It stores video and audio files, text and still pictures. The Mp4 format is supported by most digital devices on the market.
  2. Mp3 format. This standard quality is a very common type of audio file and mimics CD quality audio. Its types are type: audio mp3, audio mpeg3, and audio mpg, audio MPEG, audio x-MPEG, audio x-MPEG-3, audio mp3, audio x-MPEG audio, audio x-mpg, audio x-mp3, audio mpeg3, video MPEG, video x-MPEG. (Sound quality changes with settings such as bit and sample rate and, double or mono stereo)
Having difficulties with downloads when using Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader?
In some instances, browsers may tend to play Facebook video instead. What you need to do is right-click on the Facebook video window. A download option pops up automatically.

For a smooth process, get the Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader Extension. Like any other highly effective video downloader, you need to visit chrome web store and get frogjet Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension.

The frogjet Facebook video downloader extension will assist in the following cases:

  1. It immediately detects and shows user available download links, no repeated copying, and pasting. All it takes is to copy the video URL and paste it in the text box given 
  2. When you need to download many videos, the frogjet Facebook video downloader chrome extension covers that for you. Just open the Facebook vide and tap on extension icon, then sit back and let it work its magic.
  3. To download the live videos on Facebook use Frogjet Facebook video Downloader chrome extension. All you have to do is, first play the video to completion then save it fully. 
Locating downloaded videos via Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader.
Frogjet Facebook video downloader chrome extension helps to choose a download destination folder. Do not worry about losing just downloaded Facebook video.

After you hit the download link, the frogjet Facebook video downloader allows you to choose a destination folder. Alternatively, you can set your browser's downloads location.

Privacy and safety with Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader.
It is only natural that data is gathered from browser's activity by Frogjet Facebook Video downloader, it is important to understand internet companies use the data provided by you. The data is classified into subdivisions:

Information provided by you willingly. 
Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader does not ask users to register on our website to enjoy the services. The primary reason is that Frogjet respects its user's privacy. It is free. 

Involuntary data collected by the user.
Certain information is automatically recorded when we browse the internet. It is what we call web prints. This information may include:
Device identification data; the model type of device, the advertising ID, IP, OS and kind of browser. Device settings like search language. Data provided. Requested URLs. Location for example GPS.

How Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader uses the above information?
The above information is used to better your browsing experience and is immediately deleted once the downloader is closed.
None of the data collected is used for advertisements. The site has no intrusive pop up advertisements.
In the event that any of the information gathered is used by a third party, it will be covered under our privacy policy and Terms & Condition. Any information will not be against your privacy rights.

Social Media Services
Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader has links to Facebook websites and apps such as Facebook Lite. Therefore, Facebook apps or websites may use your data while you interact with their service on frogjet. In such cases, Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader will not be held responsible as it has no authority over Facebook. Understanding the latter's Privacy Policy comprehensively might be the only solution. 

Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader takes user data very seriously and follows the industrial procedure for safeguarding it. All the data collected from you is encrypted and then later on deleted completely. This data is not even accessible to a few authorized people specialized in this field. There is no sharing of data to promoters or marketers even under the industry standard acts. Rest assured that Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader takes uttermost care to secure your bio and keep your privacy concerns in check. Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader Company cannot be held responsible in circumstances where hackers have infiltrated your gadgets and accounts. Since the company requires no amount of data from you but renders freely its services. That being taken off the chest, we assure you that you are safe using frogjet services.

Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader respects user safety and privacy by:

  1. Providing links to downloads.
  2. Allowing Facebook servers to solely host and arrange direct downloads.
  3. Erases all records of downloads upon closing the frogjet Facebook video downloader site.
Why you should opt for Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader online app:
The idea that Fogjet Facebook Video Downloader is an online site, therefore requires no download. And that it has no ads that pop up periodically. Makes it adware proof.

  1. Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader is 100% free.
  2. Unlike other Facebook video downloaders, anonymity is upheld. Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader is committed to keeping your download activities private. So you are safe with frogjet. Also, the absence of third parties makes it safer to use.
  3. Easy access to the online frogjet web page. The download process is very elaborate.
  4. Frogjet Facebook Video Downloader requires no memory file to download to therefore, space is conserved.
  5. No installation process required removing susceptibility to malware, spyware, adware and vim wares.
  6. Contrary to many Facebook video downloader apps, there are no forced reviews imposed on the user.
  7. The site has a very easy to navigate interface, brief and straightforward saving time.
  8. Does not ruin video quality.
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    Unlike most mobile Facebook video downloader apps, frogjet video downloader does not require payment deductions to access features of service.
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